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Ukraine has opened its borders for foreigners!

Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues! Ukraine has opened its borders for foreigners!

Now traveling to our country is possible without any restrictions by following existing rules:

for all nationalities, from all countries for entering Ukraine is mandatory to have insurance with COVID-19 treatment and observation coverage. Foreign insurance company should have direct representative in Ukraine or you can use Ukrainian one.

all arrivals are divided into red and green zone. Zones are being updated each 7 days by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Arrivals from the Green Zone nothing else needed except insurance, no observation or self-isolation, no testing upon arrival

Arrivals from the Red Zone insurance + negative PLR testing result made within 48 hours before arrival. Testing result should be in English, with details of person (name, surname) and certain time of purchase (date and time) -----------------

IF arrived from the red zone person does not have negative PLR testing result, he/she should go for 14-days self isolation after uploading mob application DIY VDOMA (ENG version is now available) Isolation is considered to be stopped if You have received negative PLR testing result while on isolation, by addressing to certified laboratory.

Self isolation is not mandatory: For children under 12 y.o. For transit passengers For arrivals with studying purpose -----------------

Stay Safe and Healthy! Your wellbeing is our priority! #travelToUkraine


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